When introduced by a colleague, Availexe founders Anna Sarjantson and Vanessa Johnson-Burgess instantly connected – sharing a passion for recruiting the best candidates for their clients and a fierce stance on diversifying the face of the workplace. With 20 years’ of combined experience, the pair saw that corporations nationally and internationally are missing out on exceptional talent by using tired recruitment processes which ignore candidates from all backgrounds, while also haemorrhaging senior-level talent, particularly women, because of a lack of opportunities providing both work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Motivated by their own personal experiences of  wanting to have a successful career and a seat at the table while still having their feet on the ground with their own families, in 2013 Vanessa and Anna embarked on a mission to revolutionise and disrupt the standard recruitment model played out in the day to day corporate world.

Availexe, short for available expertise, is no traditional recruitment agency. As well as recruiting to permanent and full-time positions, the team also challenges clients to create more flexible working environments – flexible locations, flexible timings, flexible contracts and a more flexible attitude to recruitment, especially for senior managers.

Their innovative and exciting methods of recruiting  candidates from diverse backgrounds widens the talent pool available to companies as it offers opportunities to  have access to an untapped and invaluable talent pool of  leaders, with tried and tested experience that, until now, have been excluded from the market.

Hundreds of organisations have jumped on board the Availexe bandwagon, understanding that using different methodologies in recruitment delivers a broader range of talent into the business and many benefits. Alternative employment options, spurning presenteeism and embracing agile workplaces leads to a positive, successful and profitable path for both employer and employee.

However, the mission is far from over.

Anna and Vanessa are continuing to disrupt the recruitment marketplace and introduce their bespoke model to even more organisations, all the while recruiting the highest calibre candidates onto their books, as well as industry leaders looking for their next move.

They host regular people development seminars to support candidates returning to work from a career break, participate on panels discussing the topic of hiring more diverse candidates and are also busy carving out a name for themselves within the responsible sourcing sector. Working alongside respected corporate social responsibility expert  Anna Harvey, Phd, from international consultancy, 3shifts, the trio have formed 3shiftsTalent, to ensure that only the best, most determined candidates are placed in these vital roles.

No matter what the business need, budget or target they will not compromise. Anna and Vanessa are committed to delivering senior-level recruitment which is diverse, inspiring, tailored, where appropriate flexible, and most importantly, successful for all.