Anna Sarjantson

Director of Senior Appointments & Executive Search

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Vanessa Johnson-Burgess

Director of HR Services & Projects

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When introduced by a colleague, Availexe founders Anna Sarjantson and Vanessa Johnson-Burgess instantly connected – sharing a passion for human resources, people development and recruiting the best candidates for their clients. However with 20 years’ of combined experience, the pair saw that the industry was missing a trick, haemorrhaging senior-level talent because of a lack of opportunities which provide both work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Driven by their own personal desires to have both a successful career, while still having a personal life, in 2013 Vanessa and Anna embarked on a mission to revolutionise the recruitment of HR executives across the nation.

Availexe, short for available expertise, is no traditional recruitment agency. As well as recruiting to permanent and full-time positions, the team also challenges the HR industry to practice what it preaches and invites businesses to create more flexible working environments – flexible locations, flexible timings, flexible contracts and more flexible attitude to recruitment.

Their innovative and exciting method of recruitment widens the talent pool available to companies and utilises the highly-skilled available expertise which is already out there, ready and waiting for the opportunity that fits.

Hundreds of organisations have jumped on board the Availexe bandwagon, understanding that alternative employment options, spurning presenteeism and encouraging agile workplaces leads to a positive, successful and profitable path for both employer and employee. The mission is far from over.

Anna and Vanessa are continuing to disrupt the HR market and introduce their bespoke model to even more organisations, all the while recruiting the highest calibre HR managers onto their books and a number of industry leaders looking for their next move.

No matter what the situation, budget or target Availexe does not compromise. We are committed to delivering senior-level HR recruitment which is tailored, flexible and, ultimately, successful for all.


Our Culture

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Our Vision

We see a world where opportunities for people to work to their terms, doing what they love, for the best brands in the world are an everyday option.

And we are excited by this!

Our Mission

To simplify access to high quality talent and eliminate the waste of available expertise.


Our Values

Our values are who we are. No compromise.

  • Be the best you can be.
  • Be entrepreneurial.
  • Be true.
  • Be passionate.

Executive Search

We specialise in placing senior talent into their next roles. We have an extensive network of senior level candidates, nationwide.

What makes us different is our representation of exceptional female talent at Director and Board level which enables organisations to access this under-represented expertise.

We take the time to understand what our clients want to achieve, and why. Then we roll our sleeves up to find the talent to deliver. Clear, simple and effective!

Interim & Contract Resourcing

Lack of expertise to solve problems or not enough capacity to capture opportunities are two of the greatest barriers to success.

Not enough capacity often means projects stall or land on already stretched employees’ desks. We give you access to the best talent available – to your time frame and budget.

Welcome to your on-demand team of Available Experts who can remove these barriers.

Executive & Senior Level candidates

We work closely with our candidates to find out what they need and provide opportunities of  flexible roles and project based consultancy work alongside the conventional full and part-time roles  across a diverse range of markets and sectors.

We’re on a mission to eliminate the waste of Available Expertise!